Why DotNetSCORM?

The purpose of the DotNetSCORM™ project is to create an Open Source Learning Management System using .Net technologies. There are currently several SCORM compliant Learning Management System’s written in Java and PHP. These are mostly based upon the ADL Sample RTE. However due to the technologies used they can not be tightly integrated into the Windows Server environment. Therefore this projects goal is create a SCORM Compliant LMS to serve as a model for further development and use of the SCORM standard on the Windows Platform. We have highly skilled developers that can bring your site up to date and add that custom touch you always wanted.

Our Process


Understanding what you want out of your site and how do you plant to implement it.



We will Create a beautiful, affordable website design for your creative marketing project



After successful testing the product is delivered / deployed to the customer for their use



It is an important step which makes sure that your site works with efficiency all the time


DotNetSCORM Customization

At STAR APP SOLUTIONS,  we endeavor to offer you DotNetSCORM customization services that lets you customize your Learning Management System that are all-inclusive, versatile, and riveting. While tailoring your Learning Management System to suit your business sensibilities, we take every measure to keep it compatible across different platforms. Without falling prey to the mainstream and hardly effective ways of Learning Management System customization, we deliver services that make this customization a pleasant romp.


Our DotNetSCORM Services


We offer you DotNetSCORM customization services that lets you customize your Learning Management System to solutions that are all-inclusive, versatile, and riveting

DotNetScorm SEO

We help DotNetSCORM management system owners enhance the visibility of their Learning Management System in Search Engines like Google.

Content Development

We provide web content development services such as content planning, writing, and editing and keyword analysis.

DotNetSCORM Security

Robust CMS security features for your peace of mind,protect your Learning Management System with secure, controlled access


We offer high maintainance services to our clients after the completion of the project

DotNetSCORM Hosting Transfer

We will securely move your entire DotNetSCORM Learning Management System, emails and databases to your new hosting account.

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